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  • Buying Decision

    Identify influencers that drive shopper interest on your store such as shopping patterns, product comparisons, co-shopping and shopper demographics.

  • Aisle Interaction Pattern

    Gain insights on how aisle depletion and replenishment rates, product placements and dwell time of shoppers at aisles affect sales and conversions.

  • Demographics

    Provide context aware products by considering different shopper demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity, number of return visits and shopper preferences.

  • Dwell Analysis

    Derive patterns and correlations based on dwell time in front of aisles and advertisement placements to understand what draws shopper interests.

  • Heat Maps

    Accurately track and record in-store traffic patterns to know which areas inside the store shoppers are spending more time, which areas are being ignored, how shoppers are interacting with inventory and staff, thereby allowing you to adapt better store layouts that captivate your shopper’s attention.

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