Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare
  • Analyze Patient Sentiments

    Study and analyze patient and staff emotions to understand frustration, pain, anger and dissatisfaction to offer comfort real time.

  • Prioritize Patient Illness

    AIVI monitors incoming patients in emergency room for signs of distress (going to shock, cardiac arrest and more) based on emotions and gestures which helps to prioritize critical ill patients in triage.

  • Patient Flow Optimization

    Vision AI optimizes patient flow across departments with real-time detection of backpressure at counters and Vision enabled Automated check-in and guided movement (face recognition, automated message on movement inside hospital).

  • Offer Proactive support

    Regiment and control nursing operations like timings for dispensing medicines, hygiene practices, track minimum window within which certain types of patients must be re-visited by doctor/nurse etc.

  • Dynamic Routing

    AIVI tracks patient flow, detects hazardous activity, blockages and seating occupancy issues and provide real time alerts on such events.

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