AI in Retail Industry
  • In-Store Advertising

    Analyze the efficiency of advertisements and promos displayed across the stores based on secondary patterns derived from shopper dwell time and activities at product shelf or area.

  • Automated Shelf Management

    Ensure consistent product availability with product shelf tracking, specific product identification and out-of-stock notifications to associates to restock in time.

  • Contactless Checkout

    Accelerate the customer checkout process by 10X by introducing vision enabled checkout agent. Shoppers can unload the shopped contents in the conveyor and machine will automatically identify the product SKU.

  • Staff Productivity

    Dedicate staff to core tasks by automating mundane tasks that require vision such as stock counting on shelves, routine safety and security checks and cashier duty.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    AIVI can monitor retail stores and look for compliance errors. After finding any errors, such systems can alert retail employees and suggest ways to fix them.

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An ensemble of state of the art vision engines working in perfect harmony.

Where we are now with Vision AI

  • 11, 274

    Camera Feeds
  • 100+

    Unique Patterns
  • 5.3M

    USD Revenue Uncovered
  • 3.4M

    USD Loss Saved
  • 9C

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