I am an Optimist and I love taking responsibility

I am no engineer, not a management guru, nor a marketing expert. I am just the eternal optimist. I always think the best is just around the corner. That is the reason I never got despondent with 2020. The tunnel was long and dark, but the light at the end of the tunnel was always there for one to see if one had the optimist’s tunnel vision, so to speak. The clouds were getting thicker and darker, but the silver linings were there to spot if you were willing to let adversity actually make you stronger and look ahead with hope.


Optimism as an attitude helped me to prevent 2020 from being a year of despair, with the belief that we shall overcome. And now I enter 2021 with an absolute air of faith that things will bloom and blossom. No, I am not being blindly naïve. I am just being positive and going forward with a mindset that is youngish, more experienced and confident.


And, I am ready to ride the wave. I will draw up my own goals, my plans for the year and take up full responsibility for all my actions. Didn’t 2020 give us all a great deal of time to Think? Yes, it did. It made me think differently, that I no longer have to purely react to circumstances. I am my own. I will not shirk from making a choice or from a difficult decision or from having to lead from the front in an unpleasant situation. I will make things happen around me the way I want them to happen. If they don’t, I will have no one else to blame but myself.


If I was a philosopher or a HR trainer I would have propounded this theory of self confidence and taking charge of your own life to no end. Since I am neither of those, I will just conclude this brief rant by urging you to refresh and reset your goals with some realistic optimism, but go through the year with a sense of accountability for one’s own actions. That can do wonders in creating a future you may not regret. If it sometimes means that you have to get out of your comfort zone, so be it.

Rajeev S
Director, ii2 (a Cogniphi group co)

The author believes strongly that good times, something better, are just around the corner, and things eventually work out. A senior citizen by age definition, he loves keeping mind and body active.