• Emotion Profiling

    Understand what satisfies a shopper. Identify shopper emotions within showroom, especially during a sales pitch; measure simple parameters like attention, interest etc. Identify instances of disinterest, argument, anger and dissatisfaction through non-intrusive visual data.

  • Enrich Shopper Experience

    Measure effectiveness of current product placement, staff allocation, product replenishment rates, stock maintenance etc. Identify and remove bottlenecks in existing practices with AI-based recommendations.

  • Loyalty & Platinum Experience

    Provide seamless experience to customers by empowering dealers to allot priority by identifying loyal or high-profile customers through Face search the minute they walk into your business area.

  • Act on Shopper Grievances

    Avert negative shopper reactions with instant alerts on instances of argument, anger and dissatisfaction enabling real-time intervention to avoid conflicts between shopper and staff inside stores and parking facility.

  • Eliminate Backpressure at Counters

    Actively reduce impediments with alerts and analytics on line built up at POS counters, long waiting times, non-availability of staff at counters and tracking shopper negative emotions.

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