• Planogram Compliance

    Planogram creation & compliance can be a bane for large retailers. AIVI’s on-shelf patterns and anomaly engine help in monitoring planogram compliance and on-shelf availability.

  • Theft, Shrinkage and Loss Prevention

    Alert employees/security in real-time when a theft occurs and identify repeat offenders. Prevent bottom of basket and self-checkout theft. A recording of each event can easily be retrieved for evidence.

  • Better Staff Utilisation

    Accurately forecast shopper traffic and aligning staffing levels appropriately with traffic patterns. Avoid overtime and other extra costs with recommendations on peak hour staffing and staff allocation to customers.

  • Smarter Inventory Management

    Maintain inventory based on products that are in demand with AI-recommendations derived from customer profiles, shopping trends and depletion rates.

  • Eliminate Pilferage

    Get real time alerts on detecting unchecked items at ‘bottom of trolleys/baskets’ and instances of ‘no billing’ at self-checkout and counter checkout.

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An ensemble of state of the art vision engines working in perfect harmony.

Where we are now with Vision AI

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