• Branding Compliance Adherence

    Use AIVI to ensure branding regulations are strictly followed. Check compliance on signages, furniture placements, uniform norms, lighting, displays etc.

  • Marketing Audits

    Use AIVI to monitor marketing and promotional campaign execution on site, across all sites. Ensure point of sale is correctly displayed, tickets are updated, media is correctly distributed and off locations are compliant.

  • Track Customer Satisfaction

    Auto-measure consumer satisfaction through advanced AI Emotion tracking to predict potential grievance situations and prevent brand casualties.

  • Measure Organisation KPI’s

    Gain insights from KPI measurements like time taken to greet customer, time taken to respond to consumers, time spent by people waiting to be served and more.

  • Measure Cultural Sensitivity Issues

    Detect threats to brand like instances of disrespect to fellow employees/women, tail gating, bullying, improper dressing etc.

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