• Monitor Regulatory Compliances

    Automatically track visually inspectable regulatory compliances items on factory floor. Eliminate compliance risks by early detection and pro-active alerting.

  • Compliance Breaches

    Identify compliance breaches that could result in downstream rejections, stoppages and non conformity, statutory compliances tracking for hazardous materials storage, consumption and movement.

  • Pre-Production Quality

    Vision enabled Raw material quality checks/conformity including textural anomalies, material deformity, stain, rots, vulnerability, rust etc… to detect damaged inventory.

  • Production Quality

    Tracking of production quality impediments, resulting in downstream rejections such as dents, fold, bends, blotches, dis-joints, stains, non-uniformity, lumps, tests/checks missed etc.

  • Post-Production Quality

    Final inspection of finished materials based on OEM and Customer checklist to ensure non-confirming outputs are rejected.

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