Rediscover Retail Mojo with Vision AI

The world is rapidly changing and so should the way you do business! Emerging technologies are disrupting businesses worldwide and as per a Gartner report only 15% industry leaders believe their operating models can respond sufficiently  to the dynamic market conditions.

Most Retail businesses too face the challenge  of survival!

Cogniphi’s Vision Intelligence gives you a cost-effective technology option to transform  and grow your business 3X. Cut your losses by preventing inventory shrinkage, Manage your shelf stocks intelligently, Elevate customer experience, and make  your Store 100% Covid compliant by using Vision-enabled AI.

Watch the video to know how our solutions can help you Stay relevant and ahead of your competitors!

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    Where we are now with Vision AI

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      Camera Feeds
    • 100+

      Unique Patterns
    • 5.3M

      USD Revenue Uncovered
    • 3.4M

      USD Loss Saved
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