• Vision enabled MES

    Tradition MES pivots on two axis , Machine data (primarily through IOT/PLC/SCADA) and Org Data (Primarily through SAP). However these systems lacks the much needed context. Vision provides the missing link and act as the third axis to deliver an intelligent MES system. With vision linked capabilities MES systems can provide deep insights into not only on whether systems are lagging behind but why its lagging behind thereby ensuring true efficiency.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Vision provides leading indicators for predicting faults, breakdowns and need for preventive maintenance. Advance vision measurements like textural analysis or user action recognitions on machine usage or visual machine running pattern with PLC/SCADA/IOT data can give comprehensive prediction capabilities about need for maintenance. Save upto 20% of loss of time due to such un-schedule losses.

  • Intelligent Command Centre

    Our second and third order cognitive engines like anomaly detection, outlier identification and Decision engines ensures that false positives and false negatives are practically nil and only what matters is triaged to control room for actions. Reinforcement based decision engines learns on user actions taken for control room alerts (and notifications) to provide smarter, contextually relevant and critical alerts over time.

  • Process Lab

    Any system or organisation can only evolve with experimenting and adapting to new challenges. Such experiments prove very costly if not measured correctly,. Shop floor experiments, especially Process experiments efficiency can easily be measured with Vision tools to analyse efficacy of a new process, change in process or even introduction of training or display items at shop floor. We refer to this as bread boarding capability with Vision.

  • Failsafe System

    Sensors and intrusive solutions have the limitations of usage and are prone to errors based on handling. Vision solutions provide the much needed non intrusive perspective and many time act as additional data set for reconcilation and validation. The always on, rule free nature of vision solutions make it more suitable for complex environments and actions which otherwise cannot be adequately sensorised (Due to constraints in cost, Technology or even operational challenges.)

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