Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare
  • Generate Quality Insights

    AIVI is trained to recognize new critical medical events, behavioral patterns and discover hidden correlations to generate research quality insights that could open up lifesaving discoveries.

  • Automated Pathogeny

    Automated pathogen detection in labs (such as in AI-aided sputum analysis for TB detection) help in quick and accurate diagnosis, without any human errors. It also brings out new correlations and insights on pathogen behavior as well as preserve data for future references.

  • Help Save Lives

    Vision AI enables practitioners to save lives with patterns and insights on patient distress and by detecting instances of Shock/Cardiac arrest in Emergency Care (using sensors, face expressions etc).

  • Identify First Priority Critical Care Patients

    Efficiently identify patients' level of urgency in Emergency Care, and treat them and allot priority based on their triage level, by assessing the severity of injuries and illnesses shortly after their arrival.

  • Ensure Safety

    Real time detection of patient falls/accidents and proactive detection of safety risks and breaches within hospital premises to avoid accidents.

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An ensemble of state of the art vision engines working in perfect harmony.

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