AI Vision – Get more from your existing CCTV cameras

Transform your existing cameras into ‘smart cameras’. They’ll capture data on what they see and send you real-time notifications when events occur.

Imagine if your cameras had a brain.


Autonomous Cameras

Removes the need for constant eyeballing, while maintaining real-time monitoring & notifications


Works With Any Camera

Works with multiple camera resolutions (both digital & analog) offering legacy compatibility


Best in Class Integration

Works with multiple footprints like Cloud, Edge, mobile phones for different types of use cases


Super Flexible

A.I is Adaptable and flexible to meet any need and any IT architecture

Self learning

Highly Accurate

A.I learns over time (self-evolving)

See the unseen

Actionable alerts on your devices

When your cameras detect specific events, they’ll send the relevant person in your team a real-time notification. These notifications can be received via text, email, live on a computer screen or can be integrated with existing systems like Point of Sale.

Easy insights on your operations

Cameras can now collect data about your operations. Our platform gives you an easy dashboard to see all insights it collects. A few examples of data that can be collected include:

  • Demographics and behaviour of people visiting your store over time, including heatmaps
  • How efficient your staff and machines are
  • How compliant your team are to processes and policies
  • Track how many times actions/tasks are performed

Relevant insights for your teams

AI Vision will capture never before seen data for your teams to analyse in real-time or later. Your decisions will now be made based off accurate data made from statistical population-size data sets as opposed to sample sizes.

Data can be catered to the user, so your data experts can perform deep dives and your staff can see insights on a dashboard.

How it works with your cameras

AI Vision is extremely flexible and is designed to integrate with your organization’s needs. Cogniphi has democratized AI so you can affordably install the solution and see an ROI whether its in the cloud or with our edge box.

diagram How it works

Where AI Vision stands now

  • 11, 274

    Camera Feeds
  • 100+

    Unique Patterns
  • 5.3M

    USD Revenue Uncovered
  • 3.4M

    USD Loss Saved
  • 9C

    Vision Engines

Infinite Applications

Anything your camera sees, we can train it to understand, analyse and send notifications. We have pre-built engines for different industries that you can easily implement, like:

  • football Footfall and Group Counts
  • Dwell Time Dwell Time in Zones, Aisle and In-Store
  • Compliance OH&S and Compliance
  • Intelligent Command Centre Intelligent Command Centre
  • Break ins, odd time movement Break ins, Odd Time Movements
  • demographics Demographics Data
  • Behavioural Data and Facial Expressions Behavioural Data and Facial Expressions
  • theft Theft/Shrinkage Prevention
  • Predictive Maintenance and Downtime Prevention Predictive Maintenance and Downtime prevention
  • Fatigue Management Fatigue Management
  • queue Queue and Checkout Management
  • violance Violence, Fighting, Harassment
  • staff Staff Resource Planning
  • Defect Detection and Quality Control Defect Detection and Quality Control
  • Suspicious Activity Suspicious Activity
  • Shelf and Product Management Shelf and Product Management
  • Promotion Engagement Promotion Engagement and Promo End Management
  • Covid Management Covid Management
  • Smart Inventory Management Smart Inventory Management
  • License Plate Recognition License Plate Recognition

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