The solutions that we deploy can be taught to learn new patterns and anomalies on the go so as to adapt to varying needs.

AI Vision relies on complex spatial and time bound patterns to detect anomalies. AI Vision not only provides robust pattern detection but also provides the capability to build predictive systems from the metadata (colour, feature, contour, texture) of the detected objects and their features. Our AI engines, with self-learning and contextual computing capabilities, enable quick prototyping, testing, and product development to deliver transformational outcomes that will enable your business to thrive.

Platform Manifesto

We are uncovering better ways of delivering AI based solutions by platforming and enabling customers to adopt AI. We commit to the following manifesto.


Removes the need for constant eyeballing


Learn Over time (Self Evolving)


Works with diverse light conditions


Adaptable to new ever changing vulnerabilities that need detection


Works with multiple camera resolutions (both digital and analog) offering legacy compatibility


Works with multiple footprints like Edge, Cloud, Mobile Phones for different types of anomalies

Vision System in Artificial Intelligence

Vision Engines Working in Perfect Harmony

Our platform relies on the fused power of nine core engines that encompass the full spectrum of Perception, Decision & Action. These core engines cover simple object recognition, face recognition, facial key point identification as well as specialized saliency and textural tasks. Powered by our customised Deep Networks, these fully connected neural network engines perform more efficiently than most other detection tools.

  • AIVI Core

    A specialised engine trained, taught and modelled to detect objects and their interaction in space and time.

    The objects that can be identified and tracked could be moving or stationary, could be having occlusions or inclusions, and could even be overlapping across cameras.

  • AIVI Body

    An engine specialized on detecting the Human body parts, their movement, interactions with real world objects (in space & time), their transformations and other associated patterns.

    Movements are often typical activities performed indoors, such as: walking, talking, standing, and sitting. They may also be more focused activities such as those performed in a kitchen, on a factory floor or checkout.

  • AIVI Face

    An engine specialized on detecting Human Face and recognizing people in 1:1 (Verification) and 1:N (Identification) mode.

    Our biometric facial recognition systems compare images of individuals from incoming video feeds against specific databases and send alerts when a positive match occurs.

  • AIVI Emoji

    An engine specialized on detection of Attention, Emotions and Expressions from face.

    Our facial emotion detection algorithms detect faces within a photo or video, and sense micro expressions by analyzing the relationship between points on the face, based on curated databases compiled in academic environments.

  • AIVI Texture

    This engine powers the capability of the platform to identify and detect textures of object.

    This capability is particularly suited to applications in factory floor for detecting texture anomalies in production.

  • AIVI Text

    This engine focuses on extracting data from several documents and categorise data to train the model to interpret and analyse this data.

    It helps applications based on intelligent optical character recognition, and handwritten documents transcribed to digital documents.

  • AIVI Track

    A second order functionality which can take advantage of temporal (Time series) nature of videos, this engine looks at videos beyond just a series of images.

    It provides a significant performance boost over traditional image classifier based models with tracking abilities for extracted features across time and across cameras in an overlapping space.

  • AIVI Pattern

    AIVI Pattern is a second order functionality that can take additional contexts and detect occurrences of patterns, co-relations and valuable insights from unstructured data.

    It uses a series of de-noising and signal enhancement algorithms to detect patterns from features.

  • AIVI Decision

    This is a third order functionality that provides AI Driven decision capability with predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as anomaly detection capabilities.

    It even experiments with new dynamic options to see if the decision needs change, enabling it to adjust to emerging trends.

Platform Elements

  • panorama

    360-degree Problem Solving

    ‘Lab to Live' experiences by considering practical challenges involved in the transition from Demo and POC to making scalable production deployments.

  • eye

    Always On

    The 'Always ON' capability coupled with deep insight mining, provides business with a third eye that can unearth new perspectives, dimensions and possibilities for existing revenue segments.

  • vr glasses

    Deep Learning

    Encapsulating the collective intelligence and intuitions into our platform's deep network is at the heart of our customer implementations.

  • sensor


    We dream of a perfect Man-Machine singularity, where AI is the new tool in the hands of business.

  • future

    Future Proof

    The continuous learning capability serves as the back bone for the platform. The solutions that we implement are future proof and can adapt to the ever changing business needs and processes.

  • software

    Software Breadboarding

    Our Inhouse AI tools and methodologies provide the much needed 'Software Breadboarding' for digital implementations. These tools have been carefully orchestrated after years of on-field experience.


It is truly an ensemble of state – of – the art Vision engines working in perfect harmony to provide true singularity

  • People and Object Counting
  • Activity Recognition
  • Detecting Security Vulnerabilities
  • Identifying Safety Risks
  • Tracking Productivity Impediments
  • Seamless Customer experience
  • Ensuring Quality Compliances
  • Enhancing Savings
  • Autotracking Workforce efficiency